Moving Up

I want to upskill in:

Search qualifications by industry sector to understand what's available and how to get the skills you need.

Why upskill?

Skills are in high demand. Vocational education and training (VET) is job and skill based nationally recognised training which means it can help make you better at your existing job, ready for a promotion or skilled to move into another role.

Flexible training options mean you can undertake one or two subjects relevant to your role and study part-time or remotely so you can manage your other responsibilities.

How you can do it

There are a range of options to suite anyone. VET includes nationally recognised certificate courses that can be completed over a few months, to graduate diploma courses that will take several years.

The key to choosing the right course is to decide which field you would like to gain further skills in, and which skills and knowledge you wish to develop.

Need help?

To see what's available in the type of job that you would like to train for or upskill in search on the myFutures website which has information on occupations and careers, where you can find out about jobs with good prospects, weekly earnings, type of work and other useful occupational information.

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